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Fastpath Webchat
3775b0901f8d7fe997b28eef3c24e8ea10e87b79 3775b0901f8d7fe997b28eef3c24e8ea10e87b79
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9217686a61fc11ddf5495f7d0f789460c70cc1d1 9217686a61fc11ddf5495f7d0f789460c70cc1d1

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Anno van Vliet <> Anno van Vliet <> 9217686a61fc11ddf5495f7d0f789460c70cc1d1 9217686a61fc11ddf5495f7d0f789460c70cc1d1 UserImportExport plugin: users are created (#886)
When using the non-XEP import.
Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann 90bfee795ac4ac5b1a23886a082c6a79e69c49f3 90bfee795ac4ac5b1a23886a082c6a79e69c49f3 OF-1304 Correct query builder syntax (#766)
Dele Olajide Dele Olajide c6091750b862c82f30bf0e8b7c63a84d13c79c6a c6091750b862c82f30bf0e8b7c63a84d13c79c6a Updated jmxweb plugin to version 0.0.7 (#885)
* jmxweb plugin version 0.0.7

* jmxweb plugin - updated date
Ashley Ward Ashley Ward 501516441c2a960e2db92fb82cb606b14cf02936 501516441c2a960e2db92fb82cb606b14cf02936 Handle per-domain disco item providers correctly
Dave Cridland <> Dave Cridland <> 737f2a762c62d41f65905e234d00ee05a0360040 737f2a762c62d41f65905e234d00ee05a0360040 OF-1381 Close SCRAM enumeration attack
getIterations() threw an exception which
caused early termination of the SASL exchange.

Spotted by Phil Roberts of Surevine Ltd.

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