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Fastpath Webchat
3775b0901f8d7fe997b28eef3c24e8ea10e87b79 3775b0901f8d7fe997b28eef3c24e8ea10e87b79
Openfire (master)
605e6c02d9a3b79b17803da745a707e4a4bbf6d8 605e6c02d9a3b79b17803da745a707e4a4bbf6d8

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Openfire (master)
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Dave Cridland <> Dave Cridland <> 605e6c02d9a3b79b17803da745a707e4a4bbf6d8 605e6c02d9a3b79b17803da745a707e4a4bbf6d8 Merge pull request #878 from Fank/fk_docker
Added Dockerfile
Florian Kinder Florian Kinder ebdec24d89572a61b521b7c5d76f460780f7d04d m ebdec24d89572a61b521b7c5d76f460780f7d04d Fixed home issue
Florian Kinder Florian Kinder f9790f2403c037c7ef570b6ae5cbcaa372e0046b m f9790f2403c037c7ef570b6ae5cbcaa372e0046b Only home issues left
Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann 88d9e0da336bb2724f8579e33711bd6cfba1ffdb 88d9e0da336bb2724f8579e33711bd6cfba1ffdb allow Install4j 7.0.3 to update config schema (#893)
* related to OF-1383 work on java9 support
 * also updated setting to set min jre version to 1.7
Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann e7d722543d6c2d8fcc5bbe0d1a445e5adf823258 e7d722543d6c2d8fcc5bbe0d1a445e5adf823258 OF-1391 Update bundled postgres to postgresql-42.1.4.jre7.jar

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