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Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann 480090a2b154eeb35167df5b447a57dab21eb6a5 480090a2b154eeb35167df5b447a57dab21eb6a5 Merge pull request #1207 from GregDThomas/OF-546-sip-plugin
Allow the SIP Phone Plugin to be compiled by Maven.
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 782241f2590975eba280d4f4e425848cc9cd35f4 m 782241f2590975eba280d4f4e425848cc9cd35f4 Use a proper dependency in Maven Has the minimal required code changes in order for compilation SIP plugin now correctly loads - but functionality is untested
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas a0c7ea317ac605ebdc0f97e3a36cb1bc61261949 m a0c7ea317ac605ebdc0f97e3a36cb1bc61261949 Allow the SIP Phone Plugin to be compiled by Maven. Note 1: The assembly process does not currently include the JainSipAPI1.1.jar file because it's not a proper dependency. It's therefore necessary to copy this manually in to the expanded lib folder for anything to run Note 2: I've not actually tested this in anyway whatsoever. It does however at least compile, now.

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