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Greg Thomas Greg Thomas d5512702144c74bd1c0b9441afff78236dca079f d5512702144c74bd1c0b9441afff78236dca079f Merge pull request #1241 from GregDThomas/OF-1649
OF-1649: Solve race condition when adding/housekeeping users
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 3ebaecb404076f1872e17b7cefad5f5ec347905e m 3ebaecb404076f1872e17b7cefad5f5ec347905e OF-1649: Enhance the API to allow the lock status to be queried etc.
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas e01d316d2968739a7ad6c53dba8b158abdda3322 m e01d316d2968739a7ad6c53dba8b158abdda3322 Keep a (weak) reference to the key in the value, so all instances of the class can share the same key (as in key1 == key2) preventing the GC from removing entries from the WeakHashMap erroneously.
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 6df7cf36e86cfc9f695ddac2d4ce1eecd61558ef m 6df7cf36e86cfc9f695ddac2d4ce1eecd61558ef OF-1649: Ensure that user housekeeping cannot run at the same as user creation
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 71ee4c2bfe10d8393612f5f3ba071def19244f73 m 71ee4c2bfe10d8393612f5f3ba071def19244f73 General code tidy up. Mostly IntelliJ suggested inspections, but also (a) Fix tiniest possibility of a race condition in LocalMUCRoomManager#removeRoom (b) Stop removing the room as a listener in MultiUserChatServiceImpl#removeChatRoom as it's already done in LocalMUCRoomManager#removeRoom

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