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Fastpath Webchat
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Fastpath Webchat
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Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> d04517862743a0c910ce9d8dd52a85be960f3d80 d04517862743a0c910ce9d8dd52a85be960f3d80 Merge pull request #11 from annovanvliet/upgradeOF42
Upgrade to OF 4.2.
Anno van Vliet <> Anno van Vliet <> 164058a1ebb588fe1310d26facc3592974d0fe69 164058a1ebb588fe1310d26facc3592974d0fe69 Added editorconfig, formating code according to the rules.
Anno van Vliet <> Anno van Vliet <> d3925a77eee1a30af36d11ba2a6b673dceda0851 d3925a77eee1a30af36d11ba2a6b673dceda0851 Fixed Direct Web Remoting Servlet code
Anno van Vliet <> Anno van Vliet <> cc12e14cd67550138221e044dfdf47fdae628187 cc12e14cd67550138221e044dfdf47fdae628187 Upgraded to SMACK version 4.2.3
Anno van Vliet <> Anno van Vliet <> 151c58f598dda481e36be93ba2c445c0bc84d2f5 151c58f598dda481e36be93ba2c445c0bc84d2f5 Splitted in two artifacts, one plain war file for a Web container, and plugin to create a Openfire Plugin.

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/var/atlassian/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/OPENFIRE-FW-JOB1/fastpath-webchat/build/build.xml:77: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/var/atlassian/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/OPENFIRE-FW-JOB1/fastpath-webchat/build/build.xml:254: Please reference the Openfire project root directory using the openfire.home property. Example: ant -Dopenfire.home=../openfire/

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