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wroot wroot 0b1706e2d19579c9071bf52a9515172574560fc2 0b1706e2d19579c9071bf52a9515172574560fc2 OF-1413 clarify readme
wroot wroot 9cf89f049b50cae20e6c9bf4db577a8dab7a1501 9cf89f049b50cae20e6c9bf4db577a8dab7a1501 OF-1413 clarify readme
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 2e32af843592fc8ae0b9e4f60f1da5a04addbdd7 2e32af843592fc8ae0b9e4f60f1da5a04addbdd7 OF-1408: Display acount of entries/hits/misses on the Cache summary screen
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 2ac6438e0de4886b294a2dc35e7e483114735955 2ac6438e0de4886b294a2dc35e7e483114735955 OF-1408: Format entries to be locale specific
Ausitn Barrett Ausitn Barrett 8e65e4836af838b071addcac8b808b988ebfc6d2 8e65e4836af838b071addcac8b808b988ebfc6d2 Update for Discourse Info (#900)
I replaced the info for the old Community with the info for the new Discourse one and added a link to the Community under Resources.

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