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aa8ad82b81a2158834103e8171eda7a7d0eb70df aa8ad82b81a2158834103e8171eda7a7d0eb70df
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Dave Cridland <> Dave Cridland <> aa8ad82b81a2158834103e8171eda7a7d0eb70df aa8ad82b81a2158834103e8171eda7a7d0eb70df Merge pull request #797 from GregDThomas/OF-1159
Fix OF-1159 - add database column to identify encryption status
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 428b733c972150f133c92dcd7b7205dc10dd968b m 428b733c972150f133c92dcd7b7205dc10dd968b Remove premature optimisation that could accidentally cause the encryption indicator to be lost
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 5156f65268b78e85e235aff3c0592c5baf4cd66b m 5156f65268b78e85e235aff3c0592c5baf4cd66b Be more aggressive over updating security.conf
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas ce19ac9c82f4c049e82811dda1c825bad16a01b4 m ce19ac9c82f4c049e82811dda1c825bad16a01b4 Only update the security.conf if something changes
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas bc6c95a297d47e428a3e2af1e5067fa3c972105e m bc6c95a297d47e428a3e2af1e5067fa3c972105e Ensure that when un-encrpyting a property the indicator is removed from security.conf

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