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Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 41060e71f1f5c5b72ebd413e27696a86e9ed61b4 41060e71f1f5c5b72ebd413e27696a86e9ed61b4 Merge pull request #1287 from guusdk/OF-1689_Missing-muc-messages-logging
OF-1689: Isolate broadcasts & log problems.
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen bbab9b05dd9812e2e03042d15c19771a1c9b6db5 bbab9b05dd9812e2e03042d15c19771a1c9b6db5 OF-1689: Isolate broadcasts & log problems.
Openfire has routines to broadcast message and presence stanzas to occupants in a room.

Up until this method, any exception that occurred would:
- not be logged;
- stop the broadcast to any pending intended recipients.

This commit adds logging, and makes sure that failure to deliver a stanza to one entity
does not prevent other entities from receiving it.

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