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GregDThomas <> GregDThomas <> 6b12d182983a7969de8ec2875d346199a8e96a62 6b12d182983a7969de8ec2875d346199a8e96a62 OF-1699 revisited (#1346)
* Make sendMessageToAdmins async to speed up node loss notifications

* a) Ensure we cache names of nodes that are already in the cluster
b) Log the name of the senior cluster member
Daniel Hams <> Daniel Hams <> 9cfb4592a9e5df381b34e0844b8e0362aeae13f0 9cfb4592a9e5df381b34e0844b8e0362aeae13f0 OF-1770 Include nickname in MUCEventListener.occupantLeft (#1336)
* Include occupant nickname in MUCEventListener.occupantLeft to mirror the metadata passed to MUCEventListener.occupantJoined.

* MucEventListener.occupantLeft - provide default methods to support older clients without nickname and mark the old method as deprecated. Update javadoc.
Vincent Lau <> Vincent Lau <> 917bdf37686bd8e1ea7ad1785a6b4d24e778130d 917bdf37686bd8e1ea7ad1785a6b4d24e778130d CleanupTask did not remove empty rooms in clustered environment. (#1286)
OF-1774 CleanupTask did not remove empty rooms in clustered environment.
daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 5557c0f9a7cddc715820782e040ad7c3921e8997 5557c0f9a7cddc715820782e040ad7c3921e8997 Merge pull request #1227 from GregDThomas/OF-1640
OF-1640: Better protect against rogue responses
daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 6663f5f6fac5b58ea7773b8a705c97cbe41bb4d1 6663f5f6fac5b58ea7773b8a705c97cbe41bb4d1 Merge pull request #1335 from danielhams/enablekickreasons
OF-1772 Enable configurable kick reasons for admin console + timeouts

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