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balavihar <> balavihar <> fdaf7b485b075363acd8f12ebeeb9306076bdbe0 fdaf7b485b075363acd8f12ebeeb9306076bdbe0 In Sybase every column should be defined NONNULL/NULL constraint, observed some columns without NONNULL/NULL, fixed by adding NULL to columns. Semicolons are removed because it stopping script to execute in Sybase. Corrected some datatypes which are not supporting for Sybase. Column name "serviceID" is corrected in index "ofMucRoom_serviceid_idx"
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen c5db97e0f90e0af5233bd01c14394405a2d717e2 c5db97e0f90e0af5233bd01c14394405a2d717e2 OF-1815: Add MUC search 'muclumbus' support.
This commit adds support for the search functionality as described on and used by
cpetzka <> cpetzka <> 962d321dc8ef5fdfd3057a1a0b5a46d104fa1310 962d321dc8ef5fdfd3057a1a0b5a46d104fa1310 fix a ClassCastException in
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 5ad000567ff2ecb1c6d73304f8a30b4f822c40d4 5ad000567ff2ecb1c6d73304f8a30b4f822c40d4 Fix typo
cpetzka <> cpetzka <> 76b41da3ac2faa529ddc41f34c43cd6c1431d55c 76b41da3ac2faa529ddc41f34c43cd6c1431d55c close input streams in log.jsp correctly

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