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akrherz <> akrherz <> a417e59c983354165b8d4c1f48efe4f3be10dd1c a417e59c983354165b8d4c1f48efe4f3be10dd1c WIP delineate install4j noarch,i686,x86_64 rpms
akrherz <> akrherz <> b4360c394699f0bc852fdd5ef7aadd1432e0e6b8 b4360c394699f0bc852fdd5ef7aadd1432e0e6b8 adjust URIs in pom.xml
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 5cc28a0b781b75cca75b1b0728bfe8a7408ff723 5cc28a0b781b75cca75b1b0728bfe8a7408ff723 OF-546: Restoring content deleted by mistake. (#1063)
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen c15a6a22cc79feb6b784fe5d30a1e9fa73d18207 c15a6a22cc79feb6b784fe5d30a1e9fa73d18207 OF-546: Drop Apache Ant in favor of Apache Maven. (#1062)
* OF-546: Drop Apache Ant in favor of Apache Maven.

This commit removes support for Apache Ant, and replaces (some, not all)
references with references to Apache Maven.

* OF-546: Remove bundled libraries for plugins.

This removes all bundled binary libraries from plugins that can be build with Maven instead of Ant.
Schudt, Christian <> Schudt, Christian <> 9d56c932b63f0e95aae9ab5bf0992062379664e2 9d56c932b63f0e95aae9ab5bf0992062379664e2 Plugin assembly: Allow .html, .xml and .properties files to be filtered by Maven
Give third-party developers more flexibility to build their plugins. Currently it's not possible to filter anything besides the plugin.xml.

Further improvements:
- Include lib folder in the assembly (for non-Maven artifacts)
- Update namespace "" -> ""

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