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akrherz <> akrherz <> 41b1a6cc1852eb2648de99afcafa1d95678d5208 41b1a6cc1852eb2648de99afcafa1d95678d5208 Denote Openfire 4.2.4 Release
GregDThomas <> GregDThomas <> 1dd53bc8ed596cdc2b37d9c8a7243977b1c068fa 1dd53bc8ed596cdc2b37d9c8a7243977b1c068fa Merge pull request #1256 from guusdk/OF-1670_MUC-sysadmins-password_4.2-backport
OF-1670: Allow MUC sysadmins to join a password protected room (4.2 backport)
GregDThomas <> GregDThomas <> db1acc368afc1504b6d1d1f351c0c7540d643375 db1acc368afc1504b6d1d1f351c0c7540d643375 Merge pull request #1259 from guusdk/OF-1586_BOSH-CPU_4.2-backport
OF-1586: Prevent BOSH from spinning all CPUs. (4.2 backport)
GregDThomas <> GregDThomas <> 739670d030ee4855a8db33a25ace0bf45687f333 739670d030ee4855a8db33a25ace0bf45687f333 Merge pull request #1261 from guusdk/OF-1497_Stream-Management-should-count-keepalive-pings_4.2-backport
OF-1497: stream management should count keepalive pings (4.2 backport)
GregDThomas <> GregDThomas <> 405089847b35469715739907106e785928be9caa 405089847b35469715739907106e785928be9caa Merge pull request #1258 from guusdk/OF-1642_Pubsub_4.2_backport
OF-1642: Ensure a published item is properly persisted (4.2 backport)

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