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Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann ed7eb5102f89d589d39d227e09da09074176aa6e ed7eb5102f89d589d39d227e09da09074176aa6e Denote Openfire 4.0.4 Release (#673)
Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann 6105af8deb686bb2d6bd9e0383b9c0806b147efc 6105af8deb686bb2d6bd9e0383b9c0806b147efc OF-1223 sort load of ofOffline by date
This change ensures that messages are received in the order that they were originally sent to the user that was unavailable/offline.
Johan Forsell <> Johan Forsell <> ed02705c07e4d40132e03605f4ecf8cee4eb7d18 ed02705c07e4d40132e03605f4ecf8cee4eb7d18 Make sure to complete context if an exception is thrown when setting read listener.
Anno van Vliet <> Anno van Vliet <> e6a39eaca62276ed91d6f2616210bdfc19d82b39 e6a39eaca62276ed91d6f2616210bdfc19d82b39 Enable use of wildcard when searching users in LDAP
wroot wroot 806fae9e2e80487271e2e8477faf38c97b99abb0 806fae9e2e80487271e2e8477faf38c97b99abb0 OF-1225 Russian translation for Search plugin by Ivan Levshin (#682)

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