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    Dan Caseley <> 6c735b787937b2f4c88d934971f6aac25789e14a

    Better cross-platform integration tests (#1539)
    * Add script launch structure with getopts, add hosts file editing

    * Stop openfire when tests end

    * Add alternate host/credential options

    * Add usage and error handling to test runner script

    * Improve hosts file editing (and prevent it in Travis)

    * Swap Smack clone for Smack from maven, tidy all the things

    * Move openfire-demoboot.xml to Openfire repo

    Solves a TODO. Could now run without internet connectivity

    * Add logic to deal with differing versions of Smack

    * Fix for Java11

    * Re-enable unbroken tests

    * Re-disable tests that fail in Travis

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