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daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 033d15b1851bf411b6d208dd878ef7da8034b889 033d15b1851bf411b6d208dd878ef7da8034b889 Merge pull request #1631 from guusdk/OF-2019_MUC-Archiving-delay-start
OF-2019 muc archiving delay start
Emiel van der Herberg <> Emiel van der Herberg <> e6c084407a6fa2de6aded261b3d5f7cd408909f9 m e6c084407a6fa2de6aded261b3d5f7cd408909f9 OF-2019: Go back to old naming of the logConversationBatchSize property, to not break 3rd party code.
Emiel van der Herberg <> Emiel van der Herberg <> 9bbf86f7cb6675c9c7d2033215804dc4ae984c76 m 9bbf86f7cb6675c9c7d2033215804dc4ae984c76 OF-2019: Support two different names for the max conversation batch size: the one that was specified in the interface, and the one that was specified in the implementation.
Emiel van der Herberg <> Emiel van der Herberg <> dbf42ecde240a7b6562a2bf5cf4084246ec050ee m dbf42ecde240a7b6562a2bf5cf4084246ec050ee OF-2019: Restore the getArchiver() accessor, as it is essential for the monitoring plugin and possibly other plugins.
Emiel van der Herberg <> Emiel van der Herberg <> 88fac7df0a551bfae3e555881532f2a160afd1bf m 88fac7df0a551bfae3e555881532f2a160afd1bf OF-2019: Reordering of property names in interface and impl. Now there is a clear separation between "old" deprecated properties and newer properties that are used to configure the archiving process. Property names are still quite similar though, so take care to not use the deprecated ones.


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