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Code commits

Openfire (master)

  • daryl herzmann <>

    daryl herzmann <> 379bdfccdd29ca76a1311c4dec45b80e10df8f2d

    Merge pull request #1572 from GregDThomas/OF-1959-plain-text-ldap
    OF-1959: Correct typo in JSP to enable plain text LDAP

  • Greg Thomas <>

    Greg Thomas <> a5d2edecd9862e2abcb8a5bd7e9f7fa5db3bfd4d

    Correct type in JSP to enable plain text LDAP

    • xmppserver/src/main/webapp/setup/ldap-server.jspf (version a5d2edecd9862e2abcb8a5bd7e9f7fa5db3bfd4d)