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Build: #2149 was successful Changes by daryl herzmann <> and Guus der Kinderen

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Openfire (master)

  • daryl herzmann <>

    daryl herzmann <> 49dd35d69ca195576e2d719a1eda5b81239f0a16

    Merge pull request #1849 from guusdk/ci-codeql-remove-checkout
    Simplyfiy CI CodeQL workflow

  • Guus der Kinderen

    Guus der Kinderen bcfb2ded35d29f9d608e4bca2a271571649aa477

    Simplyfiy CI CodeQL workflow
    The Github UI gave this warning:

    > 1 issue was detected with this workflow: git checkout HEAD^2 is no longer necessary. Please remove this step as Code Scanning recommends analyzing the merge commit for best results.

    This commit removes that step.

    • .github/workflows/codeql-analysis.yml (version bcfb2ded35d29f9d608e4bca2a271571649aa477)