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  • daryl herzmann <>

    daryl herzmann <> 686013439337f83b6fbb183c36b4226825f25d09

    Merge pull request #1978 from guusdk/OF-2368_improve-muc-ghost-user-detection
    OF-2368: Improve MUC ghost user detection

  • Guus der Kinderen

    Guus der Kinderen 3595d0caa99932c6cd23c2642a34e8471757e157 m

    OF-2368: Improve MUC ghost user detection
    This commit combines approaches introduced by OF-910 and OF-2209 to detect a 'ghost user' in MUC.

    Per OF-910, any Presence or Message stanza that contains an error is considered indicative of a ghost.

    Per OF-2209, an IQ 'Ping' is used to determine ghosts.

    Unlike the original solution for OF-2209, not all IQ error responses should be considered as indicative of a ghost. Firstly, the IQ error must be in response to an IQ Ping that was sent by the service itself. Furthermore, 'service-unavailable' and 'feature-not-implemented' can be considered as responses sent by a client (that does not support the IQ Ping protocol).

    Finally, this commit adds a kick of users that have been pinged, but for which no response has been received at all.

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