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John Haubrich <> John Haubrich <> 7a5886279473c06d361d2903ee60f8b0eb0d13f9 7a5886279473c06d361d2903ee60f8b0eb0d13f9 gradle: Ensure git command is run projectDir rather than CWD.
The assert on line 659 was causing my build to fail. Two issues caused
gitCommit to be empty.

1. The cmd 'git describe --always --tags --dirty=+' was not given
   enough time to complete and had not exited which meant no text in
2. The two git commands on lines 653 and 658 were run from the
   CWD of my Eclipse IDE, not the $projectDir which caused git to return
   an error 128.

To solve the two issues I added a waitForOrKill method call to
proc (like the srCmd had) and I set the execute to run in $projectDir
which I think was the intent/assumption in the original code.

Also add waitFor on git describe command.
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> b510d373b5476e88014388294d74b911eb9d4983 b510d373b5476e88014388294d74b911eb9d4983 reactor: have synchronized block include peeking at scheduled actions
If we do not peek at the scheduled actions in the reactors
synchronized block, then there is a kind of lost-update problem. While
Ractor.schedule() will call wakeup() on the selector, a thread could
have already determined the value of selectWait, while being blocked
at the start of the synchronized reactor section. Once it is able to
enter the section, it will use an outdated selectWait value.

This leads to scheduled actions not being executed on time.

Thanks to Eng ChongMeng for reporting this and suggesting the fix.
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 05c920ab56701ef9c058fe0e3957142b68aa1584 05c920ab56701ef9c058fe0e3957142b68aa1584 Fix typo in comment
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> e23babf1472f02dd3316a502fca157d192011d3b e23babf1472f02dd3316a502fca157d192011d3b Add Stanza.setNewStanzaId() and ensureStanzaIdSet()
Also deprecate setStanzaId() since it was not clear if this would
create a new stanza ID or just ensure that one is set.
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 133ee29150e31731e63561a31d0ca8bd76f0f0e1 133ee29150e31731e63561a31d0ca8bd76f0f0e1 Add XmlStringBuilderTest