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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 65b6a7bfa20e1c54e7cfd4a5ca86e49ae29e62e0 65b6a7bfa20e1c54e7cfd4a5ca86e49ae29e62e0 Merge pull request #330 from ge0rg/errlang
Errors: language selection for error description
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus a2acb7b66e731e30c48c4c6f1c1d72c2755d92e4 a2acb7b66e731e30c48c4c6f1c1d72c2755d92e4 Merge pull request #345 from vanitasvitae/enableStanzaId
Make adding originId by default configurable
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus effe82a9c98625d64e5155b17b672aecf07cec12 effe82a9c98625d64e5155b17b672aecf07cec12 Merge pull request #346 from vanitasvitae/fixAndroid
Don't compile android.jar contents into smack-android jar
vanitasvitae vanitasvitae 4ed4e8f71ca2c1a74751dd87e9b911fe597b7fa8 m 4ed4e8f71ca2c1a74751dd87e9b911fe597b7fa8 Don't compile android.jar contents into smack-android jar
gradles compile command (which is deprecated and should be replaced with implementation) includes the arguments resources into the result jar.
That means that smack-android will contain resources found at the android boot classpath.

This results in a +~11mb increase in size of the resulting apk when including Smack as a composite build. The increase comes from 11mb of Android resources, mainly drawables.

compileOnly (formerly provided) on the other hand will assert that the android.jar classes are provided by the system, which is probably what we want in this case.
vanitasvitae vanitasvitae 80793910b88f0b57437d5d32ef140c145961eaef m 80793910b88f0b57437d5d32ef140c145961eaef Make adding originId by default configurable