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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 93aaf6d8d7df1071a224ef406738ff322c20724b 93aaf6d8d7df1071a224ef406738ff322c20724b Remove SASLAuthentication.init()
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus bf538129c29a95ba3bed2c06247ab939bc38a624 bf538129c29a95ba3bed2c06247ab939bc38a624 SASL: Add missing InterruptedException to "else if" cascade
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 5b1d2664af583e7c88101a1040e6c8ea3640ed78 5b1d2664af583e7c88101a1040e6c8ea3640ed78 Clear saslException class field before throwing
Thanks to PolFW, who writes:

A SASLErrorException is thrown before we have received the "<success
xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl'/>". This is because
SASLAuthentication is keeping a reference to a "saslException" so to
clear that after a authentication failure we have to invoke again
connect on the xmpptcpconnection to initialize again the
saslAuthentication. But it doesn't solve the issue because an
AlreadyConnectedException is thrown before the initialisation of the

Note that the user uses one time tokens for authentication.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 002d060584251b1b014d9a5b05006a0d0bf6b72b 002d060584251b1b014d9a5b05006a0d0bf6b72b XmlStringBuilder: Map all XML serialization to appendXmlTo()
this is now the single place where serializatin happens.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus be0830fc8f22daa4f2a3ffa23af76d5cbf110cb0 be0830fc8f22daa4f2a3ffa23af76d5cbf110cb0 smack-xmlparser: Improve ISE message