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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus f0300dc906089564d57135f791c4e4900cfe224d f0300dc906089564d57135f791c4e4900cfe224d Remove deprecated "PacketReplyTimeout" methods in SmackConfiguration
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 35cf094386ea0bcfd617c57e8f0ad4fec9d08b87 35cf094386ea0bcfd617c57e8f0ad4fec9d08b87 sasl-javax: Do not set system properties in SASLGSSAPIMechanism
Smack did this for a long time, since eb56f8a55 ("GSSAPI work by Jay
Kline (SMACK-218)."). Not always in a static block though. But
irregardless this is bad practice as it causes side-effects and may
overrides settings.

For example, one users reports:

java.lang.SecurityException: gss.conf (No such file or directory)
    at sun.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor119.newInstance(Unknown Source)
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus eeb6c52f7e0907fa38a578c153461af5dffa459b eeb6c52f7e0907fa38a578c153461af5dffa459b Move SASL logic into AbstractXMPPConnection
Besides the way the transport handles the stream after SASL
<success/>, the SASL logic is independend from the underlying
transport (BOSH, TCP, …). Hence move it up into

This also has the benefit that we can make some more methods private
or package-private.

Also introduce XmlStringBuilder.optTextChild(), which causes some
associated changes.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus c3247ef006ecb4d274c25b8fd48a3f59b3af3221 c3247ef006ecb4d274c25b8fd48a3f59b3af3221 Use optElement() instead of optAppend() in StreamInitiation.toXML()
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus cf48f125655b009791b54082cb0a34a1361cc8e4 cf48f125655b009791b54082cb0a34a1361cc8e4 Add INSTANCE shortcut to SmackTestUtil

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