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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 926c5892ad985b9fe5ef11104effa7400226304e 926c5892ad985b9fe5ef11104effa7400226304e Fix 260c5539b ("Add support for XEP-0118: UserTune")
Fix a bug in the EqualsBuilder usage in UserTuneElement. Properly
synchronize listeners using CopyOnWriteSet. Make methods and fields
static where sensible and possible. Make
disableUserTuneNotifications() public (why was it private?). And a few
other minor fixes.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 8f371c5381e3654083b657e9594c69efc33484ca 8f371c5381e3654083b657e9594c69efc33484ca Fix datatype.Scalar equals() and hashCode() methods
The previously used Number.equals() and hashCode() was just delegated
to Object and hence did not behave as expected.
Aditya Borikar Aditya Borikar 260c5539b55ef2c9186003a42064801c074f96af 260c5539b55ef2c9186003a42064801c074f96af Add support for XEP-0118: UserTune
This commit will enable user to communicate
information about music to which user is listening.
This feature is less of a requirement and more like fun to me.
An attempt at solving SMACK-257.

Incase you see any chances of improvement,
please let me know :)
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus db150a850ad0bf0d285f16aad6484be873d4fec4 db150a850ad0bf0d285f16aad6484be873d4fec4 Fix order of 'actual' and 'expected' in XmlUnitUtils

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