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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 9d626bf787dc3e0e0a4399cef429285b22744d73 9d626bf787dc3e0e0a4399cef429285b22744d73 core: improve AsyncButOrdered
Instead of marking the handle as not running by setting the handler's
value in the map to false, we now remove simply the key if there is no
handler running. This also means we no longer need to use a weak hash
map for this.

Also reduce the size of the synchronized blocks, mainly by scheduling
the handler outside of the synchronized(threadActiveMap) block.

Make some code better readable and add some more comments. Also do
start a new handler thread if the task threw.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus a7a298c5d8603cb66911983d56ddb1199497a292 a7a298c5d8603cb66911983d56ddb1199497a292 Use standard stanza listeners in MultiUserChat
Those, relatively new, listeners guarantee that the individual
listeners are not invoked in concurrently while preserving the
order. Exactly what MultiUserChat previously did with AsyncButOrdered,
which is now no longer needed and hence can be removed.