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Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 48f5e349b9a318ba2a1d82aef9fa069e62da10bb 48f5e349b9a318ba2a1d82aef9fa069e62da10bb Merge tag '4.4.1'
Smack 4.4.1
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> ae44af5d634bd85451e46266f5240237aa55a391 m ae44af5d634bd85451e46266f5240237aa55a391 Smack 4.4.1
Frank Matheron <> Frank Matheron <> d4d2a7a6d8a519cc51175320251c222ad5e27fa3 m d4d2a7a6d8a519cc51175320251c222ad5e27fa3 [xdata] Do not require FORM_TYPE field in FilledForm
The FillableForm API is the most convenient way of filling out a
form. Currently only forms with a FORM_TYPE can be filled, due to a
restriction in FillableForm. This makes filling out untyped forms very

This commit removes the required FORM_TYPE when using FilledForm (and
therefor FillableForm). Some subclasses of FilledForm already check
that the correct FORM_TYPE is set using FilledForm#ensureFormType().
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> bca382134365936e29327658dc2d5e6cbb5a302d m bca382134365936e29327658dc2d5e6cbb5a302d Merge pull request #465 from Flowdalic/xdata-order-fields
[xdata] Order fields
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 33f59fd7edb89cddcbf9f4f691f462906106d967 m 33f59fd7edb89cddcbf9f4f691f462906106d967 [xdata] Ensure that hidden FROM_TYPE field is first

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