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wroot wroot 094a2f55c3db5dffde87e78595e12a4ee53438db 094a2f55c3db5dffde87e78595e12a4ee53438db Merge pull request #497 from guusdk/OF-2079_Fix-settings-storage-upon-login
OF-2079: Ensure settings are properly saved upon login
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 74829966e0c89f0b8718113a3b6b81cf8a0a2cd5 74829966e0c89f0b8718113a3b6b81cf8a0a2cd5 SPARK-2079: Improve adding self-signed certificates upon login.
This builds on the fix for SPARK-2070: when upon login a certificate is encountered that is self-signed (when this is disallowed by the configuration) prompt the user, and let them try again.
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 3c44e04bbb5747dfc49e9a6bbff2065042c78d94 3c44e04bbb5747dfc49e9a6bbff2065042c78d94 SPARK-2079: Ensure settings are properly saved upon login
The way the 'advanced settings' dialog of the login screen works, causes it to save its configuration to file whenever 'an event' happens.

When saving the configuration, the state of the various UI elements (checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc) is used to update the configuration file.

Eligble events happen more often than expected, for example, when the dialog is disposed (which can occur much later after when it was closed). By that time, the settings of the UI elements can be outdated. This causes an issue where settings are unexpectedly 'reverted'.

This commit works around this problem by only allowing the settings to be updated while the screen is visible.

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