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  • wroot <>

    wroot <> 3aff25b0c6360ffd5afc7a226315f95e26fa6cc6

    Merge pull request #513 from guusdk/SPARK-2151_Reversi-indexoutofbounds
    SPARK-2151: Prevent IndexOutOfBoundsException in Reversi

  • Guus der Kinderen <>

    Guus der Kinderen <> efd6fb9d696132cfc57552e394fa3693013cffe6 m

    SPARK-2151: Prevent IndexOutOfBoundsException in Reversi
    The old code attempts to iterate over 65 positions on a board that has 64. That's not going to work.

    With this fix, I didn't get the exception that I had while previously playing this game. Unlike before, I can now successfully finish a game.

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