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Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 03169595de4619b91df1f4c75e1fc08c37e85a15 m 03169595de4619b91df1f4c75e1fc08c37e85a15 SPARK-1791: Populate plugin.xml from pom.xml
Both the pom.xml file and the plugin.xml file define the plugin name, version and description. It is error prone to keep both files in sync. Instead, the plugin.xml file should be popluated from the data that is in the pom.xml file.

Maven resource filtering is employed for this purpose. The drawback of this approach is that the plugin.xml file needs to be a Maven resource, which makes it part of the jar file. This means that this file is included twice in each plugin: once in the 'outer' plugin jar file, and once in the jar file that contains the plugin's compiled sources.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> dea2528326e237f2bd69ccd85ee4d33c302dbc1d m dea2528326e237f2bd69ccd85ee4d33c302dbc1d SPARK-1791: Define version number.
When building, Maven will add the project name and version in the manifest of the jar. This manifest is now used when displaying the version number of Spark.

Unlike Subversion, Git does not have consecutive build numbers. I've removed that identifier from the Spark source.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 40571d8e77a9e9b9bdd5ec577cabbb2baf3edb49 m 40571d8e77a9e9b9bdd5ec577cabbb2baf3edb49 SPARK-1791 / /SPARK-1883: When installing, uninstall previous version.
By uninstalling the previous version, old libraries will be removed.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> fc1392e8ddc57c552a2b07f983007c69174a5af2 m fc1392e8ddc57c552a2b07f983007c69174a5af2 SPARK-1791: Delete the Google plugin.
The Google plugin provides integration with Google Desktop. This application was discontinued in 2011. There's no longer a need for this plugin.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 9ded4e404b18cf7a30ca666cefb18394eec3afc8 m 9ded4e404b18cf7a30ca666cefb18394eec3afc8 SPARK-1791: Adding metadata from plugin.xml into pom.xml
The project data from the plugin.xml is used to populate the related fields in the Maven pom.xml.

Also, all plugin version numbers were increased. Although the Mavenization of Spark should not have introduced changes, it can't be ruled out.

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