Maven RPM Release Build
Tests: 1378 passed
Duration: 6 minutes
Changes: Who: Guus der Kinderen
Why: OF-2764: Fix i18n key typo (->)

Who: Dan Caseley <>
Why: OF-2741: More no-op IDE suggestion

Who: Guus der Kinderen
Why: Add DOAP entry for Server Dialback

Who: Guus der Kinderen
Why: OF-2750: Jingle call initiations should not be queued by CSI
If CSI is active, a call inviation should not be queued, as the user needs to respond to it directly.

Who: Dan Caseley <>
Why: OF-2716: Add missing references to Ignite Realtime Foundation in license header
Via script, add Ignite to the copyright line for Java and JSP files, using git history to calculate the correct years.

Manual run by daryl herzmann