Nightly Maven RPM Build
Tests: 448 passed
Duration: 10 minutes
Changes: Who: Nikola <>
Why: Fixed NPL when trying to route an IQ without a from attribute

Who: Guus der Kinderen
Why: OF-2112: Explicity discard S2S-outbound stanzas without a from attribute
Stanzas that originate from clients _always_ have a "from" attribute (as that attribute value is set
overwritten by Openfire upon receiving the stanza, to prevent abuse where a user tries to impersonate
someone else). That means that, if we"re processing a stanza without a "from" attribute, that the
stanza is very likely to originate from Openfire"s code. If we have code that generates a stanza
without a "from" address but addressed to a remote domain, this simply is a bug that we should very
verbosely warn about.
Scheduled with changes by Guus der Kinderen and Nikola <>