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daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 4170196b3fd4de43c962595311e4307bb5b5c84b 4170196b3fd4de43c962595311e4307bb5b5c84b Merge pull request #1340 from guusdk/OF-1383_add-jaxb-api
OF-1383: Add library removed from Java 11 for backwards compatibility.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> d9b93b3e7658f99ae7e2da1d77b1eeb062b15059 d9b93b3e7658f99ae7e2da1d77b1eeb062b15059 OF-1383: Add library removed from Java 11 for backwards compatibility.
Openfire uses javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverterImpl#DatatypeConverterImpl, a class that has been removed from Java 11.

This commit adds a library that provides this class, JaxB API, as a dependency to XMPPServer. This makes the class available in Java 11.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 7274cd0f427bd151ddd61816d3a5c6beff5f7e92 7274cd0f427bd151ddd61816d3a5c6beff5f7e92 OF-1383: Remove module inclusion
Now that the previous commit included the code as a dependency, there's no need to include the module that contains similar code.

Using the dependency, and not modules, allows the code to be compiled in both Java 8 and 11.

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/var/atlassian/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/OPENFIRE-FW-JOB1/fastpath-webchat/build/build.xml:254: Please reference the Openfire project root directory using the openfire.home property. Example: ant -Dopenfire.home=../openfire/

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