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98be49fd963a55d3ddfb370b92a31f702ad8d991 98be49fd963a55d3ddfb370b92a31f702ad8d991
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#497 (Manual run by Daryl Herzmann)
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Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann 98be49fd963a55d3ddfb370b92a31f702ad8d991 98be49fd963a55d3ddfb370b92a31f702ad8d991 Merge pull request #1150 from GregDThomas/admin-header-psd
Remove unused, legacy file
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 3b96f7d262f1419f37e5de4350673a45e8626e4b m 3b96f7d262f1419f37e5de4350673a45e8626e4b Remove unused, legacy file
Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann f3cf4f4324b9c3cfaf37d2086c99bb1960860c17 f3cf4f4324b9c3cfaf37d2086c99bb1960860c17 Merge pull request #1148 from GregDThomas/OF-546-i18n-module
OF-546: Move the source for i18n to the i18n project tree
Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann 177d555f2d25257869965a246a0e8c281ad7428e 177d555f2d25257869965a246a0e8c281ad7428e Merge pull request #1134 from akrherz/murbuildfixes
WIP: rollup of some more build refinements
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 88390751383d39a9493aaf7cbcb1985c1ae35034 m 88390751383d39a9493aaf7cbcb1985c1ae35034 OF-546: Move the source for i18n to the i18n project tree

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