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Greg Thomas Greg Thomas f57e521b1602fc677fc0910b464c1eda9771c425 f57e521b1602fc677fc0910b464c1eda9771c425 Merge pull request #1230 from GregDThomas/OF-1323
OF-1323: Trivial performance optimisation
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas d5512702144c74bd1c0b9441afff78236dca079f d5512702144c74bd1c0b9441afff78236dca079f Merge pull request #1241 from GregDThomas/OF-1649
OF-1649: Solve race condition when adding/housekeeping users
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas c46808983517aab39eed38cd944cf3ac74075074 c46808983517aab39eed38cd944cf3ac74075074 Merge pull request #1271 from GregDThomas/default-cache-improvements
Default cache improvements
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas b52d0487739a871ad3fb97efc39e8ec00e6876d8 b52d0487739a871ad3fb97efc39e8ec00e6876d8 OF-1687: Remember the documentation for JIDs!
Greg Thomas Greg Thomas 52beec3b493056d693c0716b7e42098bdb2855c7 52beec3b493056d693c0716b7e42098bdb2855c7 OF-1687: Migrate SessionManager to use a SystemProperty

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