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  • Dave Cridland <>

    Dave Cridland <> 85e145e032af9533d35509732b90992503c9919b

    Merge pull request #902 from guusdk/OF-1335_Do-not-strip-all-namespaces
    OF-1335: Don't strip namespaces everywhere.

  • Guus der Kinderen

    Guus der Kinderen fd3e847e53ef804a3d08dd45dfc145322679cc2b m

    OF-1335: Don't strip namespaces everywhere.
    Openfire prevents the need to re-scope XML (as described in RFC 6120 section 4.8.3) by
    pre-emptively remove certain namespaces (such as 'jabber:client' and 'jabber:server').
    It should not, however, remove these namespaces everywhere. This commit prevents such
    removal in places other than the first and second level elements (typically: stream
    and stanza elements).

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