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daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> ee4395e4bc7fffc372060c916e9c143da0466984 Merge pull request #2191 from guusdk/release_4.7.5
Denote Openfire 4.7.5 Release
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen fa381296a8a246130056fca653d098592776b493 Denote Openfire 4.7.5 Release
Brent Slater <> Brent Slater <> dc80523b8b5947f82cd5a1cfa335918cd1e2be0f OF-2597 added check for encoded .. as well as what was alerady there
Matthew Vivian <> Matthew Vivian <> 139c7c215130c8930801d536b2dfa747e48867fa OF-2597 Rename config option for wildcards in auth-exclusions
Improves the name used for the system property that controls whether wildcards are allowed in URLs that are excluded from auth checks.
Alex Gidman <> Alex Gidman <> 2ac00a1ff42f5d3547ef58e21f8cdec992bfcf97 fix: OF-2595 - add ldap-server_test to excludes

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