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Code commits

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Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann e7d722543d6c2d8fcc5bbe0d1a445e5adf823258 e7d722543d6c2d8fcc5bbe0d1a445e5adf823258 OF-1391 Update bundled postgres to postgresql-42.1.4.jre7.jar
Ian Green <iang@Ians-MacBook-Pro.local> Ian Green <iang@Ians-MacBook-Pro.local> 63019649b755b8cf5dc54a19f9f59c9a616ca049 63019649b755b8cf5dc54a19f9f59c9a616ca049 OF-35 Improvements to form structure and bug fixes
* Moved detail text to under the field label i.e. left of the field.
* the add user/group text box has been moved to the bottom row of the
  repective table, and table headings have been changed.
* Fixed bug where blank properties were causing empty jids to be populated
  for sysadmins and allowedToCreate on the PubSubModule.
* Fixed bug where options were removed from the forms after users/groups
  were added (options were not being transfered onto the new form).
Ian Green <iang@Ians-MacBook-Pro.local> Ian Green <iang@Ians-MacBook-Pro.local> e09571677a7a88ae685098af60d48d3898a6802e e09571677a7a88ae685098af60d48d3898a6802e OF-35 two small bug fixes to logging and table row numbers
* Fixed Row numbers on node summary table OF-1386
* improved logging of affiliation changes
* updated affiliation update version to use global update string
Ian Green <iang@Ians-MacBook-Pro.local> Ian Green <iang@Ians-MacBook-Pro.local> 6cadc939772a0baf36f9c905b228088ea0e6d4bf 6cadc939772a0baf36f9c905b228088ea0e6d4bf OF-35 Adding Node Configuration page and Service Configuration page
* Page for editing node configuration, uses existing configuration form
* Form UI is generated from the Data Form.
* Node edit page does not work with PEP service, so node summary page has
  been configured to not show edit options when viewing a PEP node.
* page for editing service configuration, also based on a Data form so
  code can be re-used.

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