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Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> ca4c5723f812f33261f3283900c12e0360b11508 ca4c5723f812f33261f3283900c12e0360b11508 OF-2587 Upgrade TwelveMonkeys image-io extensions from 3.5 to 3.9.4
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> 478d46ee8039f79d668f315a459df2f6b8d5c786 478d46ee8039f79d668f315a459df2f6b8d5c786 OF-2584 Suppress new/old Guava vulnerability
Guava has vulnerability related to permissions on a temp directory ( but we don't use that method. This wasn't flagged by the previous version of dependency-check-maven, as it'd been assumed fixed in Guava.
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> 5e92f3da774a07abc8fbb7609b9e1127fe29ff4c 5e92f3da774a07abc8fbb7609b9e1127fe29ff4c OF-2585 Bump commons-fileupload from 1.4 to 1.5
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> 7fcde9ff0c1a2605f411a121384fbebaddde83e4 7fcde9ff0c1a2605f411a121384fbebaddde83e4 OF-2494 Update docs to match hsqldb changes
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> 4ce07d24292f249a70c6eae200ae700815fddccb 4ce07d24292f249a70c6eae200ae700815fddccb OF-2588 Upgrade mssql-jdbc from 7.4.1-java8 to 9.4.1-java11

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