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Danny Jackson <> Danny Jackson <> 9cf728187fedbf7c6ab0e887a8fdcf36d4c63c2e 9cf728187fedbf7c6ab0e887a8fdcf36d4c63c2e Updates restrictAdminLocalhost to restrict the entire adminconsole network interface rather than just the http auth layer
Alex Gidman <> Alex Gidman <> 0f9d5698e69d2dfb9a921f22c53a7e82e281e1bd 0f9d5698e69d2dfb9a921f22c53a7e82e281e1bd fix: OF-2599 - remove explicit setup paths from AuthCheckFilter excludes once setup has been completed
Brent Slater <> Brent Slater <> 7141bf7fb973888e9ad7501d7170ad93f60ba7e5 7141bf7fb973888e9ad7501d7170ad93f60ba7e5 cleanup
Brent Slater <> Brent Slater <> ef05cf4d8c9597042fc298981896e8d62df31138 ef05cf4d8c9597042fc298981896e8d62df31138 OF-2597 checks for valid UTF-8 encoding of URL if fails then wont redirect
Danny Jackson <> Danny Jackson <> 462e0cbb6cc29c1dc17d1914172db4fc1a09c6d3 462e0cbb6cc29c1dc17d1914172db4fc1a09c6d3 OF-2604 Bind Admin console to loopback interface
Defaults to bind to local connections only, however this is toggle-able
in setup.

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