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Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 4aacdc5154e7eb55df175bf661abbb627f6f76a7 Add smack-websocket-java11
This also lifts a bunch of logic from smack-websocket-okhttp into
smack-websocket. Furthermore, the following subprojects require now
Java 11:
- smack-integration-test
- smack-omemo-signal-integration-test
- smack-repl
- smack-websocket-java11

Related tracking issue: SMACK-835
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> cd40455b624266b66d63f729bb6683648b0d4f1c [smack-integration-test] Bump reflections to 0.9.12
This also means that smack-integration-test needs to declare a
dependency on Guava, which was previously available as transitive
dependency of 'reflections' 0.9.11.
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> fe3214291da19c61996ce4ec9e796b4ada734415 Bump Bouncy Castle to 1.68
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 9261d6485ec020952a8791726196adfe72246f47 [openpgp] Do not put the BouncyCastleProvider at first position
This causes cannot identify XDH private key

on Java 11 or higher.

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