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Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 56507a761f06caff15605bafdbbe73654443ce15 Merge tag '4.4.3'
Smack 4.4.3
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 524e4b1d9b38a48771a7c76ed75a8d34c2234cfb m Smack 4.4.3
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> d33a5a23c32a1e5af2f8faa0c77105d0aebd8bc6 [core] Introduce Builder.failOnUnknownStates() and unit tests
The previous approach of emitting a severe log message when a
state (descriptor) was unknown was misleading. There are valid cases
where some states are not known, if, for example, a module was
explicitly disabled.

Using Builder.failOnUnknownStates() in unit tests is far cleaner, as
the existence of unknown states is tested in a controlled environment:
one where are states are supposed to be known.
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> b6c87540120a3edd421049152fcc7f730d67437c Merge branch '4.4'
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 31e4e1faf20be0fc889ea62a8737518f4ecb5aac m Do not call XmlPullParser.getName() when the event is unknown
XmlPullParser.getName() only returns a result if the current parser
event is START_ELEMENT or END_ELEMENT. If this is not the case, then
the method may throw (if StAX is used).