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Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 61d56aa06a01debceca98a3b54b7a69be956d03d Merge pull request #441 from guusdk/remove-caps-changed-listener
Add method to remove registered CAPS listener
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen fdffd58d259f64e0457cd027c719150444b203df Add method to remove registered CAPS listener
ServiceDiscoveryManager allows a listener for CAPS changes to be
registered. It should also allow to remove a previously registered
Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> f611941dcf1e62d1640e3117a792cc7377e2f900 Merge pull request #480 from guusdk/sint_improve-notinroster
[sint] increase stability
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 5e203086b3a9549719d983613449c029abb004d8 m [sint] increase stability
Some roster-based tests depend on there not being any prior subscription state beteween entities. The utility method that
tries to guarantee that, acts on the state of the roster that's cached in memory, but acts on the one that's stored on the
server. This occasionally causes issues, as both representations might be different.

Stability is added in this commit by:
- refreshing the roster from the server prior to evaluating it
- ignoring an 'item-not-found' as returned by the server, when the code tries to remove that item.