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Florian Schmaus <> Florian Schmaus <> 19b20fefeca69cccc3637e01ec2f151a054a3351 19b20fefeca69cccc3637e01ec2f151a054a3351 Merge pull request #537 from MF1-MS/mf1-ms/use_xmpp_connection_as_local_socks5_address
Use XMPP connection as local socks5 address
Martin Fidczuk <> Martin Fidczuk <> ffd027cc7deaaff0af70dfee4f0765cdce78d9e3 m ffd027cc7deaaff0af70dfee4f0765cdce78d9e3 Use XMPP connection as local SOCKS5 address
The default local address is often just "the first address found in the list of addresses read from the OS" and this might mean an internal IP address that cannot reach external servers. So wherever possible use the same IP address being used to connect to the XMPP server because this local address has a better chance of being suitable.

This MR adds the above behaviour, and two UTs to test that we use the local XMPP connection IP when connected, and the previous behaviour when not.

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