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e00ebd2141367827ba01ff30f180e047ce23c59e e00ebd2141367827ba01ff30f180e047ce23c59e
Smack (4.2)
e38f80b3cbc6f0c41b0c743a5bad73b8a76628d5 e38f80b3cbc6f0c41b0c743a5bad73b8a76628d5
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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus e00ebd2141367827ba01ff30f180e047ce23c59e e00ebd2141367827ba01ff30f180e047ce23c59e Smack 4.3.0-beta2-SNAPSHOT
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 3210baeebdc99ed5b559d74b9b4f60c845f98c7e 3210baeebdc99ed5b559d74b9b4f60c845f98c7e Smack 4.3.0-beta1
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus d6be4a77828754d8d64a486e7a7e7a0221acf451 d6be4a77828754d8d64a486e7a7e7a0221acf451 Set Java source and target compatibility to Java 8
Fixes SMACK-801.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 5333bde2e8df38bab04142c945051565fc51fc91 5333bde2e8df38bab04142c945051565fc51fc91 Merge branch '4.2'
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 278c15d52dc8721c2e504ce665bde7649db6c43b m 278c15d52dc8721c2e504ce665bde7649db6c43b Deprecate some chat2 ChatManager APIs
because their functional interfaces clashes. This helps to prepare
Smack for Java 8 where such a construct results in a compile time error.

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