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384c285fbc6a40946c89f10257d49c8f781da44c 384c285fbc6a40946c89f10257d49c8f781da44c
Smack (4.2)
0729392ab830936094d5f6eb28959602d709559e 0729392ab830936094d5f6eb28959602d709559e

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Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 384c285fbc6a40946c89f10257d49c8f781da44c 384c285fbc6a40946c89f10257d49c8f781da44c Merge branch '4.2'
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 0729392ab830936094d5f6eb28959602d709559e m 0729392ab830936094d5f6eb28959602d709559e Fix isSupported discovery of "Push Notifications"
Fixes SMACK-780.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus e1e12031ac3d1f28683b90cc9a6e628f2693b57c m e1e12031ac3d1f28683b90cc9a6e628f2693b57c REPL: Add support to enable a JDWP debug link
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 01aa6d9c18241d8705ec52cbefa7bd8c3b0d7171 m 01aa6d9c18241d8705ec52cbefa7bd8c3b0d7171 DNS: Correctly handle broken SRV records
where the SRV RR points to a target DNS name with no associated A or

Fixes SMACK-781.
Florian Schmaus Florian Schmaus 122bf06ccc801356e20c3511a366071806ef0b96 m 122bf06ccc801356e20c3511a366071806ef0b96 Merge pull request #160 from ibauersachs/parse-error-texts
Get descriptive text from error without lang

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> Could not find jxmpp-jid-tests.jar (org.jxmpp:jxmpp-jid:0.5.0).
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