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  • ilyaHlevnoy <>

    ilyaHlevnoy <> 209a4cfe03bbc26ffb7f1c2fa90b3b8b94bd522f

    Merge pull request #742 from igniterealtime/install4j-msi
    SPARK-1795 SPARK-2296 MSI installer for Windows and add localizations in install4j installer

  • ilyaHlevnoy <>

    ilyaHlevnoy <> d26b96b1145752551a89e01dc6fcefe386b5d894

    add localizations in install4j installer

    • distribution/src/installer/spark.install4j (version d26b96b1145752551a89e01dc6fcefe386b5d894)
  • ilyaHlevnoy <>

    ilyaHlevnoy <> 1806645f947a161948bdc8fec245533756e774ef

    add MSI installers for Windows

    • distribution/src/installer/spark.install4j (version 1806645f947a161948bdc8fec245533756e774ef)