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wroot <> wroot <> 661da9e619e003578faa3bc9a41f80117382e9d7 661da9e619e003578faa3bc9a41f80117382e9d7 Merge pull request #509 from akrherz/290
Denote Spark 2.9.0 Release
akrherz <> akrherz <> f1465b521d0bdb3c1d933ad74c9a2debff7968df f1465b521d0bdb3c1d933ad74c9a2debff7968df Denote Spark 2.9.0 Release
wroot <> wroot <> 084b199ff684cfdc9fa7f919cf09dbd01eb50338 084b199ff684cfdc9fa7f919cf09dbd01eb50338 Merge pull request #508 from guusdk/SPARK-2147_guard-against-dom4j-based-xxe-attacks
SPARK-2147 Guard against CVE-2020-10683 (dom4j reading external entities)
wroot <> wroot <> 58560ea5ca30cd504916d7aea10ed61939df91dd 58560ea5ca30cd504916d7aea10ed61939df91dd Merge pull request #507 from guusdk/plugins_increase_versions
Increase version number of all plugins
adiaholic <> adiaholic <> 6eb7905d4561026ae1c8fc6bf031fd238a20ab46 6eb7905d4561026ae1c8fc6bf031fd238a20ab46 Add OWASP dependency check to build
The check is currenty optional and placed
inside the profile 'owasp-check'.
One can directly invoke the plugin via
 'mvn org.owasp:dependency-check-maven:check'
An attempt at resolving SPARK-2113.

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