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daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 83fd733ebcc156e339e2dc20fe1ff5ad63a43aae 83fd733ebcc156e339e2dc20fe1ff5ad63a43aae Merge pull request #1681 from guusdk/OF-2061_OF-2062-db-upgrade-script
OF-2061 OF-2062 db upgrade script
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 7ee44fe1fb08507741d6c27595305938ccf8af39 7ee44fe1fb08507741d6c27595305938ccf8af39 Add a toString impl for cached disco item instances
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen f4af97bceae111258c92f2e46b566e5be3a167b1 f4af97bceae111258c92f2e46b566e5be3a167b1 OF-2061 & OF-2062: Update expected db version.
As a wise man once said:
> Don't forget to bump the expected DB version to 31 so Openfire actually runs the script!
daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 94437963583f2e8b3e57e3cbfb852264d63ba7ab 94437963583f2e8b3e57e3cbfb852264d63ba7ab Merge pull request #1680 from guusdk/OF-2062_pubsub-item-payload-size
OF-2062 pubsub item payload size
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 3b5589f0a0e022feb6dbf6086513b23fb9b1ea0f 3b5589f0a0e022feb6dbf6086513b23fb9b1ea0f Fix silly mistake in database upgrade script.


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