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daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 3e8753ba36f019e28dfa176c09f8e38c3c83171f 3e8753ba36f019e28dfa176c09f8e38c3c83171f Merge pull request #1845 from Fishbowler/doc-working-with-openfire
Documentation: Working With Openfire
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> 04ca32339c6e073d3d9ecc40c81869764ce343d6 04ca32339c6e073d3d9ecc40c81869764ce343d6 Updates for review comments
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> ae003bbce282fa532a4d1d6324777af2d1ca8df9 ae003bbce282fa532a4d1d6324777af2d1ca8df9 OF-2240: Add self-presence status to kick presence to "kickee"
Openfire has specific logic for detecting when self-presence needs to occur on a broadcast. Kick works by sending a specific presence to the kicked user, removing them from the MUC, then sending the broadcast - the logic is never invoked.
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> 36737d6978770d8c25e8f81b6160e52575faa18b 36737d6978770d8c25e8f81b6160e52575faa18b Add a Working With Openfire page
Dan Caseley <> Dan Caseley <> a54459684f088c37c8cf871a86ff11c6c142f90e a54459684f088c37c8cf871a86ff11c6c142f90e Add link to VS Code doc


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