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Dave Cridland <> Dave Cridland <> 6c32335bf362909d2b40c0ec81bcc50c73b169ed 6c32335bf362909d2b40c0ec81bcc50c73b169ed Merge pull request #1051 from guusdk/OF-1515_Migrate-private-xml-storage-to-PEP
OF-1515: Migrate Private XML Storage to PEP
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 820cd4034d542ecf1f85dab7708f0856bcbec3a9 820cd4034d542ecf1f85dab7708f0856bcbec3a9 OF-1515: Migrate Private XML storage to PEP.
Openfire supports XEP-0049, Private XML Storage. However, Openfire can also be used for
XEP-0223: Persistent Storage of Private Data via PubSub. When a user previously used more
than one client, where each client would use a different XEP to store private data, the
private data that was stored by one client would not be shared with the other client. This
is undesirable, as such data typically includes data that benefits every client used by the

In this commit, all data that is stored in the Private XML Storage database table will be
migrated to PEP. After a successful migration, the old database table is deleted.

Openfire continues to offer XEP-0049: Private XML Storage functionality. However, whenever
data is obtained or modified through methods defined in that XEP, the PEP data is modified.

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