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Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 1cfc35777ea3516b56ce9a1b0ed4a060ea784f9f 1cfc35777ea3516b56ce9a1b0ed4a060ea784f9f OF-2152: Apply more explicit address verification
This commit takes the explicit 'from' address verification that was put in place for Presence broadcast handling, and applies the same to Message broadcast handling.

The check has been moved up a bit, and has been applied at the constructor of the tasks that are executed asynchronously. These can be expected to generate more useful stack traces.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 1309c48b747fd56ff42ffc0b747c12813afecb92 1309c48b747fd56ff42ffc0b747c12813afecb92 OF-2151: Improve exposure of cluster location on admin console
Show where on the cluster specific sessions live, but only when clustering is enabled.
Guus der Kinderen <> Guus der Kinderen <> 39e01bc6e83829ed10964b414e1805ab3ae689a2 39e01bc6e83829ed10964b414e1805ab3ae689a2 Admin console: re-use table for server session streams
Prevents a new table from being created for every stream of the same type.

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