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  • Guus der Kinderen

    Guus der Kinderen a8f983fce12bf66bcce6c29e382255d21a1696b4

    OF-2818: Netty should not use 5MB buffers (#2455)
    This corrects a mistake where a configuration of having a _maximum_ buffer size was turned into having a _fixed_ buffer size.

    Having 5MB buffers is bad, as with a limited amount of messages, a _lot_ of memory is being consumed.

    This commit removes the hard-coded buffer size configuration, while retaining the maximum message length directive.

    I've tested that, using a websocket client connection:
    - a message of 128k characters can be sent using the default configuration;
    - a message of 128k characters can not be sent when Openfire is reconfigured to use 4k for the `xmpp.parser.buffer.size` property

    • xmppserver/src/main/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/websocket/ (version a8f983fce12bf66bcce6c29e382255d21a1696b4)